The Maine Township Citizen Corps Council was originally started to help us create programs that would reach out to the community and help prepare our residents for preparing for and recover from disasters.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Training). Is a  program originally started in California, but its premise applies to anywhere in the country. At the time of a large disaster, it could take professional firefighters and rescue workers as long as three days to reach all of those affected by the disaster. CERT trains ordinary citizens how best react in teaching them various skills that would allow them to take care of themselves, their family, their neighbor and their community until the professionals can arrive. Attendees of the 20+ hour course learn about disaster psychology, small fire extinguishing, basic first aid, mass casualties, basic search and rescue and so much more. We are proud of the fact that we have trained over 375 area residents in the CERT program. 

In 2004, President Bush and then Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge  acknowledged the program as the model example to all of the programs like it in the State of Illinois.

Members of our first CERT groups responded in 2004 to Utica Illinois following a series of deadly tornados. The members of the groups had not ever met before that day, but when they were given a task to do, they did so like they had been working together for years. All because of the training. Even seasoned professionals that were there were amazed at the professionalism exhibited and the amount of work that we accomplished. 

Later in 2004, based on this response, the National Office had an unprecedented activation of Citizen Corps to assist FEMA with the recovery in Florida following a string of hurricanes. 2500 volunteers were recruited based on our response in Utica. In 2010, our CERT was called upon again to assist residents of Streator, IL following tornados there.
We are always looking for volunteers for the RMRC as well as continue to offer CERT Training. Feel free to contact us for a current CERT Class schedule or an application for the RMRC.
Since 2003, the Maine Township Regional Medical Reserve Corps has stood ready to respond to any medical or health emergency that should arise in the area. The Regional MRC covers the unincorporated areas of Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Morton Grove and Niles as well as the City of Park Ridge. These areas represent a population in excess of 85,000 people. The Regional MRC is designed to assist with the distribution of pharmaceuticals if the need arises through the development of an area wide distribution site as well as provide surge personnel for area hospitals and to work with area first responders in the event of mass casualty situations as well as in mass shelters should they be needed.
The Maine Township Regional MRC is also a nationally recognized unit having earned the Mentor of the Year Award from the Office of Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps in Washington, DC as well as the numerous outreach activities worldwide on behalf of the MRC program.

The RMRC is made up of volunteers from every field of the medical and dental community as well as mental health and non-professional residents. 

Our RMRC has also gained national recognition for its programs and many of its concepts are now published by the National MRC National office as Best Practices. Further, in 2010, the Regional MRC earned the Mentor of the Year Award from the Office of Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps, a Department under the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Our formula for program development has been in great demand both nationally and internationally as we have assisted units throughout the world by sending over 1000 copies of our program plans and concepts to new and existing units ranging from Highland Park to London, England to Australia.

Maine Township Presents Its Newest Volunteer Opportunity

Maine Twp Regional REHAB Teams

Maine Township has entered into a joint program between it's Fire Corps program and it's MRC program to provide First Responder REHAB Services to the City of Park Ridge Fire and Police Departments and the North Maine Fire Protection District.

This new unit will be a responding unit to active incidents involving the departments so that personnel can be properly REHABBED and refreshened so that they can continue the work at hand safely.

Training is provided by subject matter experts from the involved public safety departments as well as the OEM. Further training and exercise will be accomplished during 'live' fire practice at the area fire academy.  Recruits who are in attendance will train on putting out live fires of different sizes. The REHAB Teams as part of their training will participate in one or more of these 'live' fires for the purpose of practicing their skills in a real atmosphere instead of having to wait for one to occur.

Teams will be divided into shifts to mirror the fire department with the exception that one of our shifts will be 12 hrs instead of 24 hrs.

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