Maine Township has entered into a joint program between it's Fire Corps program and it's MRC program to provide First Responder REHAB Services to the City of Park Ridge Fire and Police Departments and the North Maine Fire Protection District.

This new unit will be a responding unit to active incidents involving the departments so that personnel can be properly REHABBED and refreshened so that they can continue the work at hand safely.

Training is provided by subject matter experts from the involved public safety departments as well as the OEM. Further training and exercise will be accomplished during 'live' fire practice at the area fire academy.  Recruits who are in attendance will train on putting out live fires of different sizes. The REHAB Teams as part of their training will participate in one or more of these 'live' fires for the purpose of practicing their skills in a real atmosphere instead of having to wait for one to occur.

Teams will be divided into shifts to mirror the fire department with the exception that one of our shifts will be 12 hrs instead of 24 hrs.

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