The Maine Township Office of Emergency Management is the new face of what used to be known as the Emergency Management Agency. The basics of this department started in 1987 following significant flooding throughout Maine Township and the surrounding area.

Over the years, the agency has grown significantly and has developed other programs that enhance the premise of the department. When it was originally formed, our main purpose was to identify hazards that could affect our area. Looked at what we could do to minimize the affects of those hazards. Then to develop response actions to aide our residents in preventing further damages and to recover from any disaster that we should be exposed to.

The additional programs that we have been working with are based on the Department of Homeland Security' Citizen Corps program. We at Maine Township have formed a Citizen Corps Council with sub-programs of CERT and Regional Medical Reserve Corps.
These programs, along with our primary agency have become nationally known and recognized by President Bush and former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge.

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